Pre-employment Screening

A background check for the purposes of pre-employment screening, is the act of obtaining additional information on an applicant, as well as verifying the information that was provided by the applicant. A background check usually includes the completion of one or more of the following: identity number verification, criminal conviction history, motor vehicle records, a personal credit history check, educational verifications, prior employment verification and worker’s compensation records search.

To provide a comprehensive background report on potential employees or other people your company is considering using their services, National Investigations Bureau offers the following searches:

Criminal Search

  • Local area search – Gives the most current charges from misdemeanors to felonies as well as warrants.
  • Countrywide Search – This is an arrest record that the individual may have incurred.
  • Department of Corrections Search – This verifies any time the individual may have spent in jail and any type of parole they might have incurred.

Identity number Search
An individual’s identity number is his or her “fingerprints” — the number follows them wherever they go or whatever they do.
Information pertaining to the Identity number search will include:

  • Verification of the identity number
  • Person to whom the identity number was issued
  • The date it was issued
  • Current address
  • Addresses for the last five to seven years
  • Current place of employment
  • Any “aka’s” (also known as)
  • Any additional identity numbers the individual may be using or has used

Worker’s Compensation Claim Search

To reveal if someone has filed past Worker’s Compensation claims, we search information and provide details including:

  • Case Number
  • Date of Incident
  • Status of Claim
  • Type of Injury
  • Employer at Time of Incident

Education Verification

National Investigations Bureau will verify all academic credentials such as date of graduation and degree acquired, verification of professional license and current standing.

Employment Verification
Verifies the dates of employment, job title, wages, performance and eligibility for rehire, if possible.

Should you really need to know a potential employees background, contact us for a confidential assesment.

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