Computer Forensics

The concept of computer forensics is fundamentally the examination of a computer, usually the computer’s hard drive, with the goal being of finding evidence that can withstand court scrutiny. The evidence can range from indications that a file was deleted or that a harmful e-mail was created on a particular computer.The computer hard drive in question will be forensically acquired so that the original data material remains intact and unchanged. We maintain a complete and recorded chain of custody.

Our experts can find hidden files or folders, uncover deleted folders or files, provide proof of file modifications, show internet surfing activities, document file downloads or uploads, and reveal entire documents or portions of documents. We can support your demand for evidence of corporate spying, inappropriate web activities, unwanted e-mail, and/or file changes to cover traces of a particular activity.

Data Recovery
NiB provides Data Recovery services on computers that have become damaged or otherwise compromised. Fire, water, or even malicious damage can render computer drives and storage media inoperable, making the data on these drives temporarily inaccessible.
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