Copper & Cable Theft

copperCableSouth Africa has for decades, been experiencing an escalating wave of crime that is rapidly crippling the country. None has a greater impact than cable theft.

Gangs and syndicates operate in highly organised groups, gathering the stolen cables from the actual thieves and then, through their underworld contacts, sell the stolen materials to the scrap metal dealers who then melt it in amongst legitimate copper scrap, thus ‘laundering it’ as one would launder money. This is then sold on to manufacturers who are often oblivious to the fact that they are purchasing stolen materials.The theft and vandalism of copper cables has significant impact on many different aspects of the country, as it has a knock-on effect that impacts transportation, telecommunication and other fundamental elements of the South African economic landscape.

As the cost of copper and other valuable metals has in recent years been rapidly increasing, the incentive for this type of crime is ever-growing. Sadly the criminals are finding new and inventive ways to circumvent the legal efforts to end this scourge.
Task teams and special investigation organisations who has experience and a deeper understanding of how the criminal elements and scrap dealers operate are a constant worry to the criminal syndicates and as a company that has seen impressive success in investigating the criminals, tracking and seizing the stolen goods as well as apprehending key individuals, NIB is a major force against this crime scourge.

NIB has a number of aspects that they use in the process of fighting this crime:
– Investigating – Investigating the scrap metal markets and establishing the criminal intent of some operators and networks
– Identification – Identifying and tracking of syndicates
– Intelligence – Covert and overt operations are designed and implemented to optimise the efforts in bringing down the syndicates
– Observation – Electronic and physical surveillance and observation efforts are put in place
– Profiling – NIB also established and maintains profiles on key individuals in the scrap metal industry as well as those who are people of interest or suspicion
– Monitoring – Continuous observation of scrap metal dealers is maintained
– Administration – NIB ensures that case files and dockets are up-to-date and accurate so as to ensure there human error is not a factor that could hinder the crime-fighting and apprehension efforts

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