Criminal Investigation

A Criminal Investigator is tasked with a variety of responsibilities depending on the type of criminal case being investigated. These tasks all have a common goal, to expose the criminal facts and bring the perpetrator(s) to justice.

National Investigations Bureau’s services extend from extensive evidence collection, analysis of the evidence and circumstances resulting in Suspect Interrogation of a possible criminal. All pertinent information uncovered relating to criminal activity is comprehensively documented throughout the course of the investigation. Investigators work closely with the SAPS in any matter relating to a crime that has been committed.Criminal Profiling is a specialised field of investigation and we pride ourselves in this regard. Criminal profiling narrows the gap between not knowing who committed the crime, to a possible arrest and conviction.Certain criminal actions reveal unique character traits. Criminal profiling can simply be broken down by the following actions:

  • Evidence collection at the scene of the crime
  • Analysing the evidence collected, i.e. resemblance to other crimes;
  • According to the evidence analysed, Investigators can now piece together the order of the events.
  • As the criminal profile is constructed we gain a better idea of who we are looking for and more importantly, how to take the matter further.
  • All information gathered is shared with other investigators and the police in order to widen the search, thereby maximising the chances of catching the perpetrator.

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