Polygraph and Lie Detection Testing

From Company theft to pre-employment screening, we are able to assist with our expertise in all aspects of the polygraph and lie detection process.Our Polygraph Services are available to:

  • Companies and Corporations under the restrictions and limitations of relevant legislation if any.
  • Marriage and family counselors to alleviate suspicion and prove innocence.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Legal Community and Attorneys in civil litigation
  • Private citizens in matters not involving the legal or criminal justice system.
  • Employers and companies on issues of employee theft.

A new computerised polygraph system is reported to be close to 100% in accuracy. There is no legislation in South Africa at this point to control the use of Lie Detector Testing in disputes relating to employment relationships.

If you need a Lie Detector (Polygraph) service, contact us now for a private consultation.

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